Over/Under on Gas price results:
9/02/2005 07:30:00 AM | Author: baloghblog
Today at 8 a.m. was the over/under line for $3/gallon gas.

Click here for news: Google News on "AVERAGE PRICE OF GAS"

I think that I was wrong (I picked under), despite local averages above $3.00. Syracusegasprices.com reports a national average of $3.019, but I have to deem that "unofficial"

Jeff you were right. (I should have made the line 5 pm!)
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On 9:22 AM , odograph said...

I understand that oil and gas are fungible and all that ... but it's still surprising to me that California gas is tracking the prices nationally. I had thought we had our own refineries, and that they weren't set up for export to the east.

Not that I'd mind "sharing" it's just that I didn't think the pipelines ran that way.

Anyway, the AAA says California is at a $3.02 average, while down here (Orange County) we're still at $2.94

On 10:13 AM , peakguy said...

I've got $3.13 on 96th and 1st Ave. in Manhattan. There were mostly taxis, but also a Meals on Wheels van. Everybody gets hurt by higher gas prices.

Reducing overall consumption is the real answer.