More unease... here's why
9/28/2005 10:41:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
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President George W. Bush's call for the US public to conserve energy is aimed at preventing a run on petrol at a time when the US is precariously short of it.

Energy companies have been trucking fuel in from various parts of the US to restock pumps that ran dry in Texas, following two hurricanes that struck the heart of the nation's energy infrastructure and a massive evacuation that cut into much-needed supplies. This has stretched already tight national petrol supplies.

“The president's best bet for the next two weeks is to try to see if he can get Americans to stop doing discretionary driving without creating panic,” said Amy Myers Jaffe, research fellow at the James A Baker III Institute for Public Policy. “He's in a very challenging position.”

The US petrol market lost close to 80m gallons of petrol in the evacuation of about 3m people from Houston ahead of Hurricane Rita. Although Houston was not hit, forecasters had projected that the fourth-biggest US city would be in the eye of what was then a Category 5 hurricane. That boosted regional demand 4-5 times higher than normal as residents fled, Baker Institute research shows.

(emphasis mine)

He better start doing a better job of selling conservation then.

Is my life just like reading "The Oil Storm" in slow motion"?
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