"Media restriction" prophecy coming true:
9/07/2005 09:15:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
UPDATE: athenae has more at first-draft on the subject.

You know, we've had this line up at at the top of the blog for a while: Proud members of the reality-based community. It's a reference to a statement made by a Bush administration official that they create their own reality by their actions.

And it's been a joke for a while, their reality and ours, the world they create and the world that is. But it's not all that funny, really, because we're seeing the results of that determined refusal to live in any world but the one in their heads, we're seeing the results of that in NOLA.

Reality came crashing down on the Bush administration last week, reality they couldn't hide behind some bunting or shove behind a backdrop. Not that they're not trying, now. Now that it appears reality has never been kind to these people, and finally, finally, some people are starting to wake up and realize that.

FEMA wants no photos of dead taken, and apparently is now restricting journalist access to New Orleans.

My original thought: (9/4/05)
Conspiracy thought - future media restrictions?

Was watching the news today (CNN), and they reported that they were going to force all people still in New Orleans to leave the city, (and rightly so) due to the deteriorating health conditions.

Chertoff stated that American citizens need to steel themselves against the horrible images that will come after the city is drained of water.

The government (military) has taken full control over the rescue and recovery of N.O.

My thought is this: Do you think that there will be media censorship of the recovery? I can't imagine that they will continue to allow reporters to broadcast live from the recovery effort in the middle of that "toxic stew". Given the fact that the military will be running the show, it wouldn't surprise me if they could limit access to the city. What do you think?

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