is flyingtalkingdonkey dead?
9/30/2005 11:54:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
that is too bad if it is true. I didn't always like all of the template changes over there, but I always enjoyed the content.

Say it ain't so...
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On 12:40 AM , peaknik said...

I know how you feel! He was the one who helped me get started by joining the Peak Oil Webring. He also posted some of my things on his site and he had a large readership! Blessed me with good exposure!

Could he be sick or something? Maybe he is just busy like I've been lately. He's always messing around. I hope he lets us know if he gets a new site or domain!

On 7:19 PM , peakguy said...

Me too. He found me really early, like 4 days after I started my blog. I hope he returns somewhere.

On 8:11 PM , Liz Logan said...

ack! That would be a major loss. Hopefully he is just changing the format again.

On 1:32 AM , Prof. Goose said...

yep, us too. *sigh*

On 6:10 AM , Big Gav said...

Yes - its a real loss - not sure why he shut it down (and it is gone now).

He is now calling himself "Dave of Suburbia" has a new blog called "Dead Ants Are My Friends" which isn't so PO oriented (see my blogroll for the link).

On 9:35 PM , Tim of Suburbia said...

Oh, yeah. It's dead. No that's not me posting porn links!

By the way it's TIM of Suburbia thank you very much.

I didn't always like all the template changes either. That's why I kept (and keep on changing!).

I'm glad y'all enjoyed it. I'm still huntin' the web for good content, check it at and the side links from my account.

Change is good!