Home projects - 1 aesthetic, 1 sustainable
9/05/2005 03:18:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
Project #1:
I finally got started on my rainwater collection project:

Step 1, which involved ripping down the old gutters:

Step 2, replacing damaged fascia board:

(The colonel helping me out, I would have been lost without him!)

Step 3, painting:

Step 4, putting up new gutters:

Still have a few more gutters to hang, but now we've got the "hang" of it. Put some soffet vents too, in under the eave, to increase air flow. Have to find a big container of some sort to hold the water in too, and figure out an overflow plan.

Project #2:
Front walkway, had some much needed help on this one too. (Can't mention their name on this blog though...)

Before: (with old gutters)


Not bad for 2 non-"masons"
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On 1:20 PM , Liz Logan said...

Great work!

Here's one storage option: