Conspiracy thought - future media restrictions?
9/04/2005 01:53:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
Was watching the news today (CNN), and they reported that they were going to force all people still in New Orleans to leave the city, (and rightly so) due to the deteriorating health conditions.

Chertoff stated that American citizens need to steel themselves against the horrible images that will come after the city is drained of water.

The government (military) has taken full control over the rescue and recovery of N.O.

My thought is this: Do you think that there will be media censorship of the recovery? I can't imagine that they will continue to allow reporters to broadcast live from the recovery effort in the middle of that "toxic stew". Given the fact that the military will be running the show, it wouldn't surprise me if they could limit access to the city. What do you think?
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On 5:43 PM , Jeff McIntire-Strasburg said...

I don't think that's too big a stretch, or that your engaged in conspiracy theorizing... I imagine we'll see the kind of media censorship we've seen with the Iraq war, which is basically allowing no images that might undermine the political standing of our fearless leaders in Washington... I'm sure they're getting really tired of journalists, you know, asking questions...

On 10:58 AM , UNplanner said...

I'd argue the flip side. This administration has proven itself grossly inadaquate in the planning and follow thru stages of just about everything. While I am sure that they would prefer total control over today's level of governance, their lack of comprehensive planning and follow up makes me believe they couldn't pull it off.

Afganistan and Iraq started out according to plan and wound up going astray, tragically so for Iraq in particular. While I'd like to believe that they intentionally set out to wreck that country, I can't help but thinking they really bought into this "welcoming us with open arms" reaction would predominate so that they could move on to Syria, Iran and what not.

Instead we are bogged down in Afg. and Iraq and can't dare touch Iran because of our blown reputation, over stretched forces and pending peak oil.

What if the Bush and the neocons really believed their own crap and thought that by now Iraq would be peaceful an producing more oil. Wolfawitz and others were strongly advocating running that country flat out to break up the pricing power of OPEC once and for all. Had they done that, they coulda stalled PO for a few more years.

This level of damaged thinking pervades in domestic affairs as well. Part of the conspiracy theories has people fearing FEMA. What Katrina has shown us is that only the poorest and most desperate should fear FEMA-fear that their inadaquate response and planning will kill them before they can be rescued.

FEMA is a joke, and the Federal response, half baked and worthless. As time marches on and PO becomes the dominating factor, I cant help but thinking the Feds will do as Kunstler believes and barely be able to answer the phone.

They are already stretched thin enough that re-establishing control of New Orleans is proving difficult for the guard and police. At times it's reminding me of the US trying to establish control over Bagdad.

For crying outloud, its just a band of hoodlums for the most part, not Sunni insurgents.

Instead of increased control the various branches are already showing their atrophy. It's only because we have a corporate driven media and a complacent public that this hasnt been a bigger issue to date. But as soon as that housing boom driven prosperity evaporates people will start demanding answers and actions

But of course it would be too little too late.

On 3:33 PM , nulinegvgv said...