Cable line meets lawn appliance
9/17/2005 09:19:00 AM | Author: baloghblog
Been offline for a few days after a mishap with a poorly buried cable line coming into the house. Excuse my absence.

While I catch up on some reading, here are some pics from the past week:

A-la-Ianqui: (Rural) Graffiti

Newly sealed driveway: {thanks to the colonel again!}

We have to get it resurfaced next year, anyone know an environmentally friendly way to do that? (would have to stand up to abudant snows and frequent plowing, however)

What's that I hear? The sound of gas prices falling?

There were 15 cars at the neighborhood gas station last night, b/c the price had come down 10 cents to $2.899. You'd think they were giving away free toasters or something. (normally 2-3 cars there at a time)

More soon.
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On 12:38 AM , Ianqui said...

I love it! I like to look at photographs of street art, but most of the time I end up thinking that neither the graffiti nor the photograph were worth producing. But your graffiti artist, well, that's worth it.

We dusted off the old car today (I haven't been in it since the middle of July) and we paid $3.10/gal on our way out to the burbs. That was in NJ. It's not getting cheaper in the metro area.