Alternatives to Plastic
9/03/2005 06:55:00 AM | Author: baloghblog
Via Bill Totten's Weblog (which I recently just found thru FTD):

Better (HTML) version at

Snippets from Paul Goettlich's article:
Over the past few of years, many people asked for help in getting plastic out of their lives. It is hoped that this article guides you to a cleaner lifestyle. While it is presently impossible to actually remove all plastic from one's life, it is definitely worth reducing it to a minimum. Being that the author's age is greater than 50 years, he came into a world that was nearly free of the scourge that has come to fruition since then. His own attitude contrasts greatly with most anti-plastic activists — he is considerably more adamant about removing all plastics from his life and not so concerned about one or another type of plastic or single chemical within each. It is also through years of research that he has seen that all plastics must be stopped rather than one or even many. But as you approach this subject, please do so at a pace that doesn’t overburden you into dropping the issue altogether. But do move along as quickly as is practical.
Below are images of the my container collection used in contact with food and drink. Each is labeled and some have suggestions for other uses and sources. These are most likely what you came to this article for. However, getting plastic out of your life is more about a change in lifestyle than merely removing a few plastic containers in your home. I am working on a book that will include suggestions for a lifestyle change. What it requires is simply using common sense and a healthy disrespect for status quo. Stop worrying about looking out of place in a world injected and coated with plastic. Start your lifestyle change by disconnecting from consumerism and commercials. Disconnect the cable — 500 stations with nothing intelligent on any is a crime. Stop your newspaper subscription. Considering that newspapers are more than half advertising and don't tell the truth, it's a crime to use new or recycled paper for this purpose.
There are some great ideas here for more natural containers and storage, as well as cooking and transporting food. Great ideas to reduce use of plastic when shopping (bring a salsa jar to the bulk food section to fill with peanut butter - Ianqui would love this article).

Byrne Dairy in upstate NY has milk in 1/2 gallon glass containers. The require a 20 cent deposit, but I always though that the milk tasted better out of them. I will have to go back to those bottles.
We have stopped using the Teflon pans and have been using the stainless steel and the cast iron skillet (my favorite).

The best thing is many of these items can be found at garage sales for pennies on the dollar. We bought two glass bowls that I make my famous blue cheese vinagrette salad dressing and salad in from scratch. We mix in them, we hold prepped veggies in them prior to cooking, etc. We also got 10 small pyrex bowls (jell-o serving sized) at the same garage sale. Total cost was 4 dollars or less for all of them I think.

I think that lunch time is still the hardest for me to avoid plastic. At least we now recycle the ziploc storage containers to hold our sandwiches and sides, then just rinse and reuse - saving a few hundred plastic baggies a year.
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On 4:13 AM , Kate West said...

I just recently discovered that a grocery store near me carries milk in glass containers. I'm going to have to check and see if it's organic. If so, we're going to start buying it there. That's definitely one of my goals--to do away with all of the plastic stuff in our house.