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8/08/2005 10:31:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
Here is my post to the CNY politics forum of

Jacob Roberts by backtocuse, 8/5/05 16:15 ET
I am curious to know what the fine upstanding posters of this forum think of Jacob Roberts bid for mayor.

Snark will be accepted, but try to add in a statement or two about what you think of the issues that he raises...

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I think that the article skips over one of the more important aspects of his platform, that he would attempt to have Syracuse become a municipal power authority (as in Solvay) to lower energy costs to residents and businesses.

The new times have a better article on his ideas: newtimes

Here is snark #1 response:

I think he should be by JBstartJR, 8/5/05 17:22 ET
Re: Jacob Roberts by backtocuse, 8/5/05

running for Mayor of the City of Ithica.

Snark #2:

i think by LoSqualo, 8/6/05 7:34 ET
Re: Jacob Roberts by backtocuse, 8/6/05

he stole that idea from Howie Hawkins who has been arguing for such a power authority since mister roberts was still suckling at his mommy's breast
My response:
It doesn't matter, Howie isn't running for mayor, he's running for Councilor-at-large.

Why isn't that a viable idea? People seem to write anyone off that isn't in the pockets of the Republicans or Democrats, yet this board is 99% complaining about the other candidate, not about providing solutions to the same issues that have been affecting the city negatively over the past 30 years.

Doubling the population of the city, encouraging a vibrant arts community, and increasing youth participation in government are real and reasonable goals. Phantom hotel deals, and vacant buildings will not revitalize this community.

Imagine the downtown area with 40,000 residents, a walkable and safe community. Grocery stores, local businesses, and the arts community thriving. Energy costs that are 40% less than in the suburbs. Increasing tax receipts providing new funding to improve downtown schools, and add programs to them instead of finding new ones to cut. SU migrating and expanding from it's perch on top of the hill. Public transportation increased, revitalization of empty office and retail buildings in the downtown corridor. These things can be accomplished.

Don't underestimate Robert's effect on this mayoral contest.

As part of my backing of Jacob Roberts, I will be spending much more time among the trolls in the CNY forum, trying to win some people over.

Wish me luck!

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