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8/11/2005 07:41:00 PM | Author: baloghblog is where information on Jake Roberts mission, platform, campaign information and volunteering information can be found.

I have just found the site myself, but wanted to pass it on to anyone that might be interested. I will post more in detail later, after digesting his platform. Here is just a taste though, found in his Energy section of his platform

Create a municipal power authority to secure cost effective renewable energy for our future

As a partnership between the city, its businesses and institutions, resident investors and area farmers, I propose a not-for-profit Municipal Power Authority that will channel private and public development funds into creating wind and bio-diesel electrical infrastructure for all city neighborhoods. The venture would create power only for use within the city of Syracuse, thus creating a long term advantage to locating a business in, or living within the city borders. Part of my overall development vision is to make Syracuse so desirable as a place to live, that suburban families and businesses will move back into the city to take advantage of its amenities and conveniences. Abundant, cheap, environmentally responsible electricity is one of those amenities, which will become more of an advantage to the city as energy prices rise over the next 5 years.

Re-design neighborhoods to reduce automobile dependency

The re-design of existing neighborhoods to accommodate more population clustered around transit nodes, connected by bicycle ways, and interlinked with publicly maintained pedestrian thoroughfares will reduce the need to own and operate cars to live our daily lives. My proposal for neighborhood design, besides providing increased live-ability, is integral to an overall energy policy of demand reduction.

Reduce energy demand with a Syracuse Energy Code, doubling the requirements of the State Code.

In the very near future, energy costs will be the largest cost associated with owning a home. I am proposing that all new construction and remodeling within the city borders achieve double the efficiency of the state energy code, so that homes in the city will be viewed as a wiser investment than less efficient homes in the suburbs, and thus retain high value. My administration will create a program to channel all available power industry, state and federal assistance funds for energy improvements to all qualified city home owners. This measure will make providing alternative energy to all city residents by the Municipal Power Authority much easier, with less capital investment in generating equipment and less cost to taxpayers. A program to promote and assist home owners in creating their own alternative energy systems, or to assist neighborhoods to create energy cooperatives will be aggressively pursued by city hall.

Impressive ideas. Fits right in to all of our sustainable ideas that we've been blogging about. Those in far away places like CA, MO, and the south east might like alot of what he has to say. (as well as those currently in MX)

Jacob Roberts for Mayor of Syracuse
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On 5:37 PM , UNplanner said...

Well, I had a look. It's too bad I do not live in Syracuse or I'd vote/campaign for him.

I had one suggestion for his platform that may be VERY helpful if/when our food supply runs out of gas:

"We cannot continue to be dependent on a global food distribution that supplies food a rate of ten fossil fuel calories for every one food calorie we ingest. Our food system is likewise too dependent on intensively mechanized and chemical-laden inputs that cannot continue to be sustained as fossil fuels become increasingly scarce. By pursuing a strategy of neighborhood urban gardens, green house construction and small livestock production in conjunction with surrounding farmland preservation/creation strategies such as Community Supported Agriculture, food coopertives and financial assistance, we could ensure food security without being dependent on an unsustainable agricultural system."

Gotta make sure you're fed. Hungry people aren't concerned about parks and recreation or even housing if food is scarce. The lack of any planning anywhere to undo our global food supply system is giving me the heebie-jeebies. I live in an agricultural part of the country and I witness the dependence on fossil fuels first hand. It's awful.

Hopefully we get a year to three to make emergency plans for food (and heating) system restructure at the local level to ensure die off does not occur in places that would otherwise have a sustainable future.

Be glad you don't live in Las Vegas.

On 6:48 PM , UNplanner said...

Maybe I should have specified "organic" agriculture in that statement. Dependence on chemical fertilizers is folly.