post peak oil daydream...
8/13/2005 05:44:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
I wake up early with the dew still on the vines, perusing this years cab franc grapes, which are 2 weeks early with the hot sun and dry weather. I head back to the barn, load two cases of wine onto my wheel barrow, and head next door to the neighbor's to trade for the weeks worth of veggies and 4 quarts of goats milk and a small container of blueberries. It's almost time to start hiring pickers for the fall harvest, so I pass the word on to the neighbor that soon there will be work available, and to find some able hands to get the job done. Work (for money) has been scarce, so the word spreads quickly into town, and I am confident that I will have the 30 people I need to get the grapes in within days. The work is manual and backbreaking, but pays in wine and coins, more than most see in a month. I know that the brandy and wine will fetch a decent price in town at the CSA market, so I can afford to pay well, and can expect hard work in return.

During the afternoon heat, I treat patients in my home - on the barter system. Trading treatment for favors, fresh eggs, wool, and non-rusted scrap metal to fashion into barrel straps. I ease their pain, and that is a better reward than the favors and bartered goods. The nearest doctor is 10 miles away in then next town. Fine for check up visits, but a world away with a bad knee or back.

I grab a quick glass of 'grape-aid' and pine for a single sour lemon.

When the weather cools in the evening, I chop and stack wood that has been weathering since the spring, getting ready for winter. I realize how much life has changed, and instead of days filled with living for the moment, so much time is dedicated planning and preparing for future days.

Exhausted, I take a luke warm solar shower, and soak my aching bones. Dinner's on the table when I get back, fresh corn chowder, a multitude of veggies, and blueberry cobbler for desert. I savor every fresh bite, thinking of the leaner winter months last year with the endless sweet potatoe recipies, and canned preserves. Quickly banishing the unpleasent thought from my head, my thoughts move to next week and the harvest, and the long nights with shotgun in hand, and bells on the vines, making sure that drifters take no more than a few grapes.

I sit on the front porch, watching a sailboat pass up the lake, while a barge is being pushed the opposite direction. I sip on a stiff grappa, soaking in the stars. (dreaming of air conditioning...)

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On 9:16 PM , Kate West said...

You were much less pessimistic in your daydream than I usually am--LOL.

On 8:39 AM , baloghblog said...

That's another post for another day: "Post-peak oil nightmare". I find that it helps me keep my momentum, if I picture a positive outcome for something. I dive in to all the details of it. Then I go back and figure out the steps and the follow through needed to get there. Sometimes it helps me accomplish my goals, and sometimes it just helps me from going crazy.

On 12:20 PM , RomeHater said...

In the end things will work out. If the economy crashes, the price of oil will fall. If energy prices get high, wind and solar will be cost efficient. When more are made, the price will go down.

It will be all right. The only question is how long it will be not all right before then.

On 12:37 PM , Liz Logan said...

Wow that really brings it all home. Good excercise.