Picture is worth 1000 words - Gas Prices
8/12/2005 03:37:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
This was the price going to my appointment:

This was the price after I left 45 min later:

More random shots from a day of driving:

Highest price of the day:

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On 4:54 PM , Martin said...

But you can get a 12oz coffee for 49 cents. Its really bad right now. It turns out 2 refinaries in the US arnt even running and several fires are causing them to jump. Its not that we dont have neouph oil, its that the oil cant be turned into gas quick enouph.

On 5:30 PM , UNplanner said...

your gas is still cheap.

I paid $3.05 this past weekend.

'course Cali gas is always more pricey. Still a bargin compared to elsewhere on the planet

On 12:31 AM , Kate West said...

Wow, that is incredible--a 4 cent hike in 45 minutes!! ROFL. Well, at least you can get coffee for less than a buck--hehehe . . . . .

On 1:00 AM , Anonymous said...

You got blogspam, dude.

On 1:47 AM , saw said...

This AM when I filled up gas was 259, when I left my office it was 265. I think it may be time to ride the bus

On 9:52 AM , baloghblog said...

FYI - even at $0.49/cup of coffee, that's $5.22/gal! heh heh.

Damn blogspammers! I deleted their comments.

On 11:53 AM , RomeHater said...

I go past about 10 gas statios on the way to work. It is dizzying. I learned something, though. I wish I could ride a bus.

Don't buy gas at a busy intersection.