xoxo and 40 Below by valleysue, 8/11/05 10:27 ET
These posts are a riot. Heartyou....I do.I'll be visiting more often now that I know there is real substance thrown around in here-pretty messy indeed. The obvious is the obvious though...

Drisoll is what he is and has been and isn't changing.

As are the people that work for him.

Joanie-I don't know much about her, except that she has four children. I have one child, and it's hard.

There are many issues that I'm looking forward to hearing...

Truth is - Syracuse's young population has been growing, I've been growing with it...Syracuse needs change.

I did read Jacob Roberts' platform. It's beautiful. It makes sense. He has a lot of great ideas that seem to be his own. I'm an artist, and I've seen him-from the sidelines- do a lot with so little-for little return except bringing local art into spotlight. I know I read somewhere that he was the idea man behind the 40 Below gathering.

Imagine what he could do with a city budget of 400 million dollars.He seems to have a huge heart, and a brilliant mind.

A mayors job should be just that-to care about his/or her city.

A mayor should be able to speak from that place-a place of deepest concern and care...

From their heart.

I've met Howie Hawkins-JR's politics come from a more conscious place-but he's definatly not a green.

Howie Hawkins is hard, and jaded, tired and worn.

Syracuse needs new youthful energy. Imagine Syracuse as a thriving hot city-a small boston...All of our old industrial buildings utilized as artspace...I've been following all of Jacobs ideas as he was director of ThINC. See the programs on ThINC.org All of them are his....and are ready to be put into effect.

Downtown looks dead, except for when there's one of those festivals every weekend, with the same flippin' bands, and the same drunk crowd....yippeee.. Poor Salina St.

I look very forward to hearing more from Jacob Roberts.

The others bore the daylights out of me.

Jacob Roberts for Mayor of Syracuse
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