Exurbs vs. Suburbs Discussion
8/16/2005 08:39:00 AM | Author: baloghblog
Over at NYCO's blog: Pimp My Burb

Head on over and throw in your $0.02. Here's mine:

"mature" suburbs, also could be improved with the installation of sidewalks. Giving up 3 feet of lawn to have a curb installed with a sidewalk seems like an easy way to me to protect pedestrians, children on bikes and walking. It would also encourage on-street parking, which would in turn slow driving speeds.

Zoning laws could be relaxed to revive the "corner market" which I loved growing up. Walking a few blocks to get milk, bread or other staples. Kids could get their quarter (no longer penny) candy. Other small businesses could be encouraged to do the same: shoe repair, computer repair, small clothing and consignment shops. We could start doing business with our neighbors again. Many homes have the potential to be adapted into these businesses. Many of the stores "back in the day" were just that.

I like your separation of suburbia from exurbia. I feel like I have the best of both worlds where I live. I am 3-4 miles from the city center(even less from the "city limits"), and have within within walking distance: A food store, a clothing and home goods store, a butcher, an italian imports store (gotta have your good olive oil!), dry cleaners, auto parts store, and many others that might be less helpful (or even IN EXISTENCE) in the future. If you're relatively "young", have escaped lower body injury, and are ambulatory... you'd be surprised how "far" you can walk. That walk to the store, sure it takes a bit longer, but all of a sudden, you're there - and it didn't seem that bad. I encourage others to give it a shot.

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