China to test conversion of rooftops to solar power in Shanghai
8/10/2005 07:59:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
Via the Alex Bennett Show this morning, link to story via Emptywells:
If the project becomes operational, 100,000 of the 6 million roofs in Shanghai, a city plagued by chronic power shortages, will be used to supply solar energy to local residents, revealed Professor Cui Rongqiang, director of the Institute of Solar Energy at Shanghai Jiaotong University and the head of the project, over the weekend.

According to Cui, the selected roofs will be equipped with a system that is able to convert sunlight into electricity by the end of 2015,

Crystalline silicon solar cells inset onto large boards, that turn sunlight into solar energy, will be linked to the buildings' cables, which will then transmit electricity to the power grid.

It is estimated that the 100,000 roofs will be able to generate at least 430 million kilowatt hours (kwhs) of electricity every year, enough to supply the city for nearly two days.
The cost is what is sited as prohibited:
However, the financial cost is high.

It costs at least 150,000 yuan (US$18,496) just to set up one roof.
So lets do the math:

100,000 roofs x $18,500 = $1,850,000,000

This will generate 430million kwh / year x 35 years = 15,050,000,000 kwh

$1.85 billion / 15.05 billion kwh = $0.123/kwh

Off of my energy bill:

Cost of delivery per kwh = $0.0421
Cost of supply perkwh = $0.0751

Total cost per kwh = $0.1172 - a difference of 6/10th of 1 cent per kwh.

Yes I understand that this is a big initial investment. But won't inflation and increased cost of energy supply go up in the next 35 years? Won't that make the cost of the project even more worth it?

Hmm, let's see, where did our tax money go in the new Energy Bill?
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