Challenge of the Week: I "Green'ed Up" with Niagara Mohawk
8/08/2005 07:50:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
I dusted off the "Challenge of the Week" feature of this blog to see if I could convert some of the energy swirling around the blogosphere in the form of complaints about rising energy costs and the price of gasoline, as well as the increasing public disdain for the war in Iraq.

Well this post will not help you save a lot on your car gasoline bill, (nor your car insurance for that matter) it will help reduce CO2 emmisions, and help you feel less badly about leaving your light on, or your computer on overnight (tsk tsk)...

My challenge to you is to "Green-up" your electricity bill. It is a simple process, and will only increase your energy bill by $7-15/month on average. There are a few options out there. I chose to have my energy supplied by the Green Mountain Energy Company. My TV and computer will now be powered by 50% wind power, and 50% small hydro power. The increase in my cost will be 1.3 cents per kilowatt hour. What does that translate to? I average about 450-600 kilowatt hours per month, although my usage continues to decline as I become more energy efficient and more energy aware. The unusual heat of the summer has pushed up the bill, as the fan ceases to cut it on the cooling side and the central air comes on to keep the house at a balmy 77 degrees. In any case that will equal an additional $5.85-$7.80 per month, which turns out to be approximately 7% increase in my energy cost.

From the AskPSC campaign on Green Power:
If just 10% of New York's households choose Green Power for their electricity supply, it would prevent nearly 3 billion pounds of carbon dioxide, 10 million pounds of sulfur dioxide, and nearly 4 million pounds of nitrogen oxides from getting into our air each year. Green Power helps us all breathe a little easier.
I know I am preaching to the choir in many cases, so if you have already chosen a renewable energy supplier for your electricity, Bravo! Your challenge will be to convince your friend, or your co-worker, or your Mom and Dad to switch as well. If you've already done that, then your challenge is to donate to those less fortunate than you in Niger.
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