Blog update - I wish that there were more Syracuse bloggers/readers
8/16/2005 10:45:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
Let me start by saying I am very pleased with the number of hits that my blog receives every day. It is shocking the number of people that happen upon my blog thru google, dogpile and yahoo! searches, and the real icing on the cake, are the ones that come back for another look. I started out with 1 loyal reader, then 4 more, now I am up to an average of 17 returning visitors a day. However only 4 of them are in a 40 mile radius.

I have tried to become a "" blogger, but after several submissions and no responses I have given up on them. Sad too, b/c the people that they have writing for them update their blogs once a full moon. I wrote several letters to the editor of the Post-Standard. One of them must have inspired a mention in the tech section. Unfortunately for me, it linked to my geocities site where my essay was stored on-line.

Sometimes I like the fact that I can write without boundaries, grammar checks, and with an occasional curse. Having only a few people read what you have to say allows that. Other times though, I would love to write that breakthrough piece, the one that would get my blog exposed to more Syracusans. I thought about writing small articles for the local papers, or submitting them as free-lance to the Post-Standard.

Who knows.

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Thanks to all who stop by and read. Especially those back for another look.

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On 2:54 AM , UNplanner said...

Well, sorry I cannot fill the Syracuse requirements, but I do enjoy peeking in and seeing what you have to say and what other communities outside of Coddyfornya are up to.

Glancing at your chart, I can see your traffic hits peaks and troughs on a weekly basis. THis is the same for my site. Saturdays are my lowest traffic days.

Good luck with your blogging and thanks for the Big Box write up.

On 2:38 PM , jk said...

I left upstate as soon as I was able, but I still enjoy reading your blog from nyc.

On 10:12 PM , Al from ecocny said...

I would contend that the main people who will read and pay attention to your blog or any blog for that matter are generally other bloggers (or wanna-be bloggers). Its the hierarchy of the blogosphere.

On 6:36 AM , baloghblog said...

I know Al. I wish it were different though. That's why I am thinking about a small article for the town paper, or in the library's newsletter about peak oil or sustainability issues.

jk - I left upstate ASAP too, but, its funny how I found my way back. 3 years in NYC was enough for me. Can't raise a family down there. Alot of fun at the time though!

UNP - the peak and trough thing is odd to me. What is strange to me, is I find that even if no one links to my blog after a new post, the traffic always seems to increase. I am still blown away that on a google/yahoo search that I come up on the 1st or 2nd page of results. Must have the right key words or something.

On 9:10 AM , Big Gav said...

I get the peak / trough thing too - I think its because most people web surf at work - Staurday and Sunday are way slower than weekdays (Mondays is usually the peak so people clearly have a slow start to the working week).

I'm nowhere near Syracuse and I've never even visited upstate New York but I still enjoy reading.

Well done on getting a mention in the paper !