Are there enough Syracusans to start a Peak Oil club?
8/16/2005 10:37:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
From Peak Oil NYC blog:
Peak Oil 101: Live Session Tomorrow

I went to the NYC peak oil awareness meeting last week and they have started to break out the various threads of interest into separate meetings. Tomorrow they are having a Peak Oil 101 session that will be facilitated by one of the veterans of the group who is steeped in all the relevant issues. If you are just wondering about peak oil, what it means or have critical question to ask, I highly recommend you attend this session.

Here are the details:

When: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 at 7:00 PM

Where: Wai Cafe 6th avenue between 16th and 17th New York, NY

1. Peak Oil 101: Where we are, where we’re going. This will be an introductory but wide ranging seminar exploring many possible future scenarios, considering not only fossil fuel supplies, but how energy issues could affect the economy, the real estate market, and jobs. Facilitator: Bill BurkeFirst meeting: Wed., August 17, 7 – 8 PM, Wai Café.

2. Personal Preparations for a Reduced Energy Future: A forum in which we can acknowledge and discuss feelings about the situation, and learn about practical actions to take. At first the focus will be on financial planning.Facilitator: Simon Whelan.First meeting: Wed., August 17, 8 – 9 PM, Wai Café. Directly following one hour of PO 101.
I wonder if there are enough people that are aware of Peak Oil in the Syracuse area, and if they would be willing to meet up. I look it to it, and see if there are any existing clubs, and if not I will consider starting one up in the fall.

Let me know if you are aware of any, or if there is info out there regarding starting an Peak Oil awareness group.
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On 2:39 PM , jk said...

I'm in NY and I get the emailings about the NY Peak Oil group. My take on it is that when peak oils hits, NYC is doomed. So I don't know what a club is going to do about it.

On 5:40 PM , RomeHater said...

LOL. NYC has just about everything shipped into the city. Maybe they can move to Utah and start a solar powered Starbucks.

Anyway, I would wonder if a Peak Oil CLub might be better started online, so that we don't have to drive to meetings.

On 2:59 PM , NYCO said...

It would be nice to meet once in a while. (Someplace with offstreet parking would be nice... whimper, whine.) But I have to echo the gas concern... I have ducked out of a few meetings because I simply can't afford to drive across town.