Storing the peas
7/03/2005 11:29:00 PM | Author: baloghblog

storing the peas for later. Blanched with seasoning and a touch of butter, then frozen. Posted by Picasa

Also, I almost soiled myself when a rabbit came shooting out of my garden as I picked the last of the peas. I then was disheartened as I saw that the tops of all my carrots were gnawed off. I might have to hire the evil german shepherd who lives behind me to start guarding the garden. I thought that the hedgehog was the worst of my troubles.
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On 12:39 AM , peaknik said...

Oh how neat to see your progress!

I still haven't developed pictures from June yet. My daughter always has the digital and uses it. By the time I get to it, the batteries are dead!

But I DID eat my first cucumber out of the garden today! :) I was really excited and it tasted WONDERFUL!

You make me want to go and plant some peas now!

On 2:54 AM , Kate West said...

We had a rabbit problem in the last place we lived and I couldn't get a thing to grow there. They would even eat the flowers. :-)

On 8:02 AM , NYCO said...

I think that's a woodchuck, not a hedgehog. We have them too. Cute lil buggers, but it's a good thing I don't have much of a vegetable garden or else that would be their lunch.

On 8:13 AM , baloghblog said...

Woodchuck, that's the word I was looking for! That bugger hasn't been around, thank goodness.

I was watching something on PBS about a organic spray that you could put on the veggies and greens that washes off when it's time to eat, but keeps the vermin away. It had cayenne pepper in it, and a few other ingredients. I'll have to look it up today.

On 4:29 PM , Anonymous said...

actually, that picture is of a prairie dog(they live in the midwest)....woodchuck's are bigger! Glad you don't have those in your garden, and the cayenne pepper really does work, I use it, watered down in a spray bottle, and no vermin eat my veggies!
Good luck with the rabbit infestation!