Mel Karmazin - (No Longer) Corporate Douchebag of the Week
7/11/2005 06:21:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
UPDATE:  Hats off to Mel Karmazin for getting the Sirius/XM merger approved.  I still really love my Sirius radio, and looking back I'm surprised how pissed I was about Air America leaving.  This was all pre-Howard, so I guess it matters a lot less to me now.

Looking forward to the new Sirius XM service.

My email to Air America Radio:

Leaving Sirius was the stupidest decision you corporate douchebags could have made. I thought that you were trying to promote the liberal/progressive agenda, and trying to reach as large an audience as possible. At first I was pissed and thought about leaving sirius to go to XM, but then I got to the bottom of it, and found out that your company had made the decision to leave Sirius over money. Seems like BS to me. There were plenty of ads playing when I listened to your network. Anyways I think you've pissed alot of people off, and can't believe that you'd pull a neocon position and chase the almightly dollar instead of keeping a large portion of your listeners.

Why Karmazin gets the above title? He let Air America go. It ain't the Howard Stern Satellite radio network buddy. Spend a few bucks. Keep Air America.

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On 6:58 PM , RomeHater said...

Odd that I would be in the position of defending Air America, but they're losing so much money that they shouldn't be offering their channel for free on the internet or for a discount rate on Sirius. At least you can listen to Stern in 5 months.