I took a Quinnipiac Poll for the first time today
7/27/2005 10:05:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
Selected randomly, by phone number, I guess. I answered 30 or so questions ranging from "Do you approve of the way that George Bush is doing his job as president?" [NO], to "Would you vote for Eliot Spitzer or Rudy Guliani [Spitzer]. They asked how I thought Pataki did over his 3 terms [guess how I answered that one], and if I thought that Hillary was going to run in 2008 [yes], or if she should pledge to serve out a full term when running for re-election to the senate [didn't matter to me]. She also asked me the likelihood of me placing my vote for Hillary in 2008 for the Democratic Candidate [response withheld]. I did answer that I was pleased to date with the job that Hillary and Schumer have done to date. There were questions on Medicaid reform, and other potential political matchups. Surprisingly, nothing on the war in Iraq or the war on Terror. I was secretly hoping for a question on Karl Rove, or the president's handling of the issue, but nope, no question on that. Most of the questions related to NYS in particular.

Overall I was pretty psyched to take part in the poll and look forward to the results.
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