First Hungarian Visitor!
7/18/2005 05:15:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
For those of you that don't know, I am a second generation American of Hungarian descent. Thus the name Balogh. Stat counter reports showed that I had my first Hungarian visitor today, so I am pretty siked. Not that I talk about Hungary on my blog or anything, but just a little ethnic pride I guess.

We pronouce our last name more like ba-low. My relatives in Buffalo pronouce it Bay-low. When we visited Hungary last year they said it like bul-lug. You can pronouce this blog anyway you like.

You should definitely visit Hungary if your travels take you to Europe. We enjoyed the most out of the Eastern European countries. More so than Vienna and Prague. The food was great, the people were unbelievably nice, and hospitable. They treat you like royalty there. You see, 20 years ago, Hungary still had a communist government. So tourism wasn't that big. Now they are really getting the hang of it. And not being on the Euro yet, your money goes a long way. You have to get the Bikaver wine (translation "bull's blood" -- red and strong), with a dish of chicken paprikash. Heaven I tell you. Finish your night off with a shot of Unicum and a Dreher beer. (Literally, your night will be finished after a shot of that stuff!)
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On 6:22 PM , Heading out said...

Just to prove that I am a long-time believer see


On 12:41 PM , Matyko said...


Greetings from Hungary! ;)
And thanks for mentioning tourism, I think tourism is the best and easiest way for Hungary to be a better place. But you forgot to mention the lake Balaton, what is the biggest tourist-magnet at the moment. I'm just back from a one week family vacation from the southern side of the lake and its great, the water is not dirty, the coast is better and better every year. Just look for pics on Flickr and you'll hopefully see what I am talking about :)



PS: the (lead) developer of StatCounter is a hungarian dude ;)