Bottle Laws and Recycling
7/25/2005 08:13:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
[Interesting discussion on waste reduction and garbage here.]

The "bottle bill" is a tool used to increase recycling of plastic and aluminum drink containers. Living in NY state, I thought that most of the country participated in a similar type of program.

Boy was I wrong.

The states in dark green are those with existing bottle laws. Those in light green have bottle bills "in the works".

White states have none.

It just seems a no-brainer to me. $0.05 at the register isn't hardly missed by those in the middle to upper class. College kids, those with less fortunate financial situations, and the homeless all have an incentive to pick up and return the cans/bottles for money. If you are concerned with putting the $0.05 deposit on it, you can return the bottle yourself and get your money back. Regardless, all are helping to reduce litter, increase recycling, reduce production costs of new aluminum and glass.

I think that people in those states without bottle laws (MO!) should be pushing for their addition. I think that NY states bottle law should be expanded, to include bottled water and iced tea drinks. Why the exemption there? And nowadays, everyone is walking around with their own bottle of water.

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On 1:16 PM , Eric Durland said...

We should pass a national bottle bill.

More information at:

The Bottle Bill Blog
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