Blueprint for the "mud room"
7/19/2005 11:11:00 PM | Author: baloghblog

blueprint for the "mud room", my dad is going to check over the specs. Posted by Picasa

Thank you to The Reader's Digest Complete Do-it-yourself Manual (2005). (mine was the 1973 version from the church's booksale)

When completed it will be insulated from floor to ceiling, and all walls. This will help to cut down on the heat loss when leaving via the garage in the winter. Cleaned out the garage today. Actually parted with some of the crap I've been accumulating since we moved here last year. I fought it, but after all that my wife was right, and I felt good de-cluttering.
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On 2:53 PM , Kate West said...

I am doing that very thing right now--decluttering. It feels good to get rid of stuff that is just collecting dust.