UPDATE: Peaknik has an extended post about 'hard-core' energy conservation, and if you have more than a passing interest in the subject, this post is worth a read.

It is about a family who did everything they could to reduce energy consumption in the home, and they listed some of the biggest "offenders", and things that turned out to be negligible. My ranting about the TV, and passive energy use seems misdirected now. I should be preaching energy efficiency with drying clothes and the use of the refrigerator. (Damn, I knew there was a reason that my dad yelled at me to shut that fridge door!) Although I don't believe that we'll be reducing our energy use to less than 1 KW/day, we will start to use some of these tips.

FYI, I just grabbed my bill for last month. (includes a "energy star' dehumidifier in the basement, running very often in the spring.) OK, OK, no excuses... We used 375 kWh last month. [shame] The amazing thing is that it only cost us $28.06 for delivery of the energy, and $23.21 for the supply; for a total of $51.27 (taxes incl). We can do better than that though.

I smell a future challenge of the week.

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Big Gav got me all fired up again about wasting energy when you're not even using your TV and appliances with his post at Peak Energy about the higher energy demand of plasma screen TV's.

This article has a much more eloquent way of making my point, so I'll let it speak for me.

A typical home--that is, one equipped with two TVs, one VCR, and a cable box--will consume more than 500 kWh per year. That can easily equal 5% of a typical home's average electricity use (based on 10,000 kWh per year). Energy use is higher in homes with more than one TV and/or VCR because, although overall household TV viewing hours may be the same, the extra TVs and VCRs that are not being watched are still consuming standby power. For example, in a home with five TVs, two VCRs, and two set-top boxes, video electricity consumption probably accounts for 10% of the home's total. This is right up there with refrigerators and other major appliances.
Ugghh. Well, gotta go watch some more TV...
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On 11:06 AM , Anonymous said...

They don't even get into the plasma tvs which draw about 450W at the 42" size and 650W at the 50" size.

On 6:07 AM , Kate West said...

I just read that about the clothes dryer and refrigerator being the biggest offenders somewhere else. I have to install the reel part of my set-up on the side of my house and I'll have a clothesline to use--woohoo! Now to get some drying racks for indoors when summer is over . . . .