This article appeared in the Sunday Syracuse Post Standard. I couldn't, unfortunately, find a link to the article on the website.

It even freaked out baloghblog's mother a little, as she brought it up at a family BBQ today, having known that I was interested in the topic and had shared my essay with her.
John D. Rockefeller's refineries launched the Oil Age.

A superhighway in China may end it.

Cheap, plentiful crude powered cars, molded plastics, birthed the suburbs and greased the path to a prosperous American century.

Much of today's world slides along that same path to industrialization. A 52,000-mile superhighway system is under construction in China. Millions of prospering Chinese browse auto showrooms looking for a new lifestyle based on crude.

But recent spikes at gas pumps worldwide hint that, for the first time, oil will not come cheap. Analysts and traders alike suspect we are on the verge of demanding more oil than we can produce.
It is a fairly coherently written article that asks more questions than it answers, but at least it tackles the tough subject that most news outlets have shied away from.
How will we cope when gas prices permanently zoom beyond $2.50 a gallon? When food costs rise because of expensive fertilizer and diesel? When plastics become precious?

When the time comes, will we be ready to live with less oil?
I don't think that anyone has the answers to those questions yet. But thanks for bringing them up Chris Seper and John Funk.

UPDATE: this story was posted over at the Energy Bulletin as well.
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On 9:44 PM , RomeHater said...

The Post-Standard also had an article that a hybrid would cost more than it saved, even if gas went to $10 an hour. But then, I think people should just hold onto their cars longer

On 10:01 PM , Martin said...

Thats why we need hydrogen and we need it now.

On 11:03 PM , baloghblog said...

I think that you're right romehater. People should hold on to cars longer to save money. Unless your car is a Hummer or '76 mack-daddy caddy that gets 7 mpg.

I have always said that the best car I ever owned was my Plymouth Horizon which was a 5-speed manual that got 30+ mpg. I could make it to Buffalo and back to Syracuse on a $11 [full] tank of gas. (ahh, the good old days...)

My honda CR-V gets 24 mpg average (hwy and city), and the only reason I drive that is for the ground clearance and AWD for the nasty winters on the Tug Hill where I work. Otherwise I'd trade it in for a Civic.

On 12:10 PM , Yagagakhee said...

We read the same newspaper, and my dad was going crazy over that article. I think I am too