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6/23/2005 01:36:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
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First of all, this is a gorgeous day. The kind of day that can make a city like Syracuse seem like a worldwide destination. The sunlit trees lining the road, the tables set up for lunch outdoors. People catching a smoke break and lingering a little long in the fresh air...

And who knew we had a train station downtown, and what it looked like? I scouted out the Susquehanna Rail Station downtown. Unfortunately, it only runs on weekends, about 5 trips back and forth from SU to Carousel Mall.

The odd looking SCAT thing, is an examply of the proposed Gondola idea. The more I stared at it when I sat and drank my coffee (from Freedom of Esspresso), and ate some fresh bread from Pasta's Daily Bread (manna from heaven I tell you.) the more I thought, "what a stupid, stupid idea." All that money will go into this pod system which will perpetuate Downtown Syracuse's problem. It will keep people off of the street and "hop" them from one place to the other. The idea that it is "green" originally appealed to me, but then this idea came to me... What about a "green" electric streetcar system. That could run on the proposed SU development loop. It would encourage development along the entire route, not just at gondola "landing sites." It could be powered by green power, or from the waste-to-energy power station at OCCRA, so at least or garbage would be powering it.

I headed on home on the bus, reading the Post Standard... A nice morning spent in the city.

UPDATE: This comment deserved to be moved up to the front page.

NYCO said...

The gondola thing is the biggest joke.

I hope they can afford the reams of bulletproof glass it will require.

I also have to give a shout out to Middleman, who inspired me to take my camera with me.
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On 2:36 PM , NYCO said...

The gondola thing is the biggest joke.

I hope they can afford the reams of bulletproof glass it will require.

On 2:37 PM , NYCO said...

I looked at your photos. Something seems familiar. Were you riding the 78 or 178?

On 2:41 PM , baloghblog said...

74 actually. I am moving your other comment up to the front page, that is hillarious.

On 1:53 AM , Martin said...

Ugh, I wish I would get out of the house more.

On 6:34 AM , Kai said...

I too have twice commented on the S.C.A.T. in my weblog. While I do support any new transportation system in Syracuse, you're probably right that a ground-based streetcar or something like that would be more efficient. I guess the major selling point the gondolas have is they require no drivers, hence they can run all night (when they'll actually get used, especially by SU students).

OnTrack doesn't run at night, when hundreds of SU students head d/t to Armory Square. OnTrack went from running every day in 1994 to Tuesday-Sunday, to Wednesday-Sunday. Last summer they said they were reducing to only Friday-Sunday during the summer, but would go back to Wednesday-Sunday in the fall. That never happened. Now I think they reduced to one-day only service "for the summer" (Saturday I think).

Anyway, you took some nice photos.