I am telling you we know what to do with our shit around here.
5/25/2005 07:23:00 AM | Author: baloghblog
More power to you. Literally... from your neighborhood cows.

From the Syracuse Post Standard.

It is a whiff of hope for farmers and their neighbors.

Cayuga County dairy farmers Ted O'Hara and Doug Young are pursuing the brass ring of industrial-scale, dairy farming - a dependable technology to manage manure.

Teaming up with Global Common, LLC, a Long Island energy development company that plans to use Danish technology and venture capital funding, the two farmers are proposing a $15 million anaerobic digester system would all but eliminate manure odor.


And it would produce enough electricity - 4 megawatts - to power 4,000 homes, roughly half the homes in the city of Auburn, a Global Common official said.

Instead of using manure only, the digester would process a "cocktail" of manure and used food oils, things like cooking oil, cheese whey or fish oil.

Instead of storing manure in an open lagoon for weeks or months, or shipping it via truck, the project would pipe manure underground a total of five miles, between Young's Spruce Haven Dairy in Fleming, and those farms in between, to the digesting plant on O'Hara's dairy farm in Aurelius.

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