Our Leader and Ron Insana
4/20/2005 06:27:00 AM | Author: baloghblog
Ron Insana, of CNBC, almost asks the president some tough questions. I think that he is starting to feel the heat, as his popularity declines into the basement, and he is becoming a lamer duck each day.

Insana: Some of your loyal opponents on Capitol Hill today made some cynical comments suggesting that you don't mind way high oil prices because they help some of your friends in the oil business. How would you respond to statements like that?

President Bush: I, I'm the president of everybody. And I -- look, I go to Fort Hood, Texas, and I sit down at a table with a young solider and we're talking about his tour of duty. And one of the first questions he asked me is what are you going to do about gasoline prices, Mr. President?

I mean, here's a kid who has, you know, put his life on the line for our nation's freedom and for peace and he's worried about gasoline prices. 'Course I'm worried about gasoline prices. And a high price of crude drives the price of gasoline.

And listen, I've been talking to Congress for three or four years now about getting a plan in place, getting a bill to my desk that reflects a comprehensive energy plan. And in all due respect to the members of Congress who are -- might be somewhat critical of the administration, it's time for them to stop debating and time for them to get a bill to my desk.

A bill by the way that does nothing to lower gas prices in the short term.

Now I just wish that someone would follow up with a tougher question. For the transcript of his interview click here.
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