More evidence that GM & Ford is missing the boat
4/25/2005 07:55:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
From the AP:

New hybrid vehicle registrations totaled 83,153 in 2004, an 81 percent increase over the year before, according to data released today by R.L. Polk & Co., which collects and interprets automotive data.

Still, hybrids represented less than 1 percent of the 17 million new vehicles sold in 2004. But the U.S. hybrid market has grown by 960 percent since 2000, when 7,781 were sold, according to the Polk data, and major automakers are planning to introduce about a dozen new hybrids during the next three years.

out of those 83 thousand sold, how many were American made?
Ford sold 2,566 Escape hybrid sport utility vehicles, or about 3 percent of the market, Polk said. (emphasis mine)
Granted, the hybrid still takes gasoline to run, but a lot less of it. You'll see, the demand for hybrids will spur more production, and more production will lead to competitive prices. (It's already happening...) Then I think it will be a very difficult sell for a GM salesman:
"sure this Chevy Malibu costs $21,265 and gets 22 mpg. She's a real beauty..."

Across town:
"yep you heard me right, this Prius gets 60 mpg, and costs $21,875." [I included the $1000 mark up due to current demand. Actual retail $20,875]
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