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4/08/2005 12:17:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
What can I tell you, I have been on the gloom and doom end of spectrum lately. Some times your glass is half empty. I think it is the fact that... #1: that I drive about 150 miles a day for my work (my tank now costs $33.00 to fill) #2: I am sick and tired of cold weather, and desperately need some fresh air (although things are improving). #3: I work in some of the most economically depressed rural areas in upstate NY (there is something vastly different between city poor and country poor) I see hundreds of people, people that are idle, people that have the strength and desire to make something, while the companies send job after job overseas, and this country produces less and less. I listen to talk radio in my car... the lefties bash the bushies, the bushies bash the libs. I like to think that I am on the right (correct) side of things. But then again, it's the same bullshit on both sides. I don't want to hear Al Franken proud of himself for saying "Aha! I knew I was right about Tom Delay being shady." Fuck that boring repetition, tell us what to do about. People (I should say some people) want direction. People want to have faith in something. Stop rallying the crowds with hate for "the other side." We need a positive voice out there. Something for people to get behind. Otherwise I am going to just have to keep posting the "end of the world" on my blog.

web essay is one of the darker ones, but if you sift through, there are some really great points, and interesting if troubling thoughts.

(an aside, and a clarification: Since I have gotten my
Sirius Radio, I have fallen in love with listening to the radio again. It is my favorite invention. I actually have access to progressive talk radio now. My selection before? NPR, Rush, O'Reilly, Deep cuts of Boston, and the 30,000th time I've heard Money, by Pink Floyd. I love that I can hear people like Al Franken, Rachel Maddow, and Ed Shultz. It's just that it's the same old shit, the same rants that Rush has been doing for 15 years, now they are just substituting 'Neo-con' for 'Liberal' and 'Bush' for 'Clinton'. Once in a while, something new comes up, there is real discussion and I actually consider putting my 2 cents in. But then again I have this blog, and my 3 (?) loyal readers. So I guess that is enough outlet for me.)
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