I want your comments...
4/24/2005 09:48:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
No topic tonight, just a request for any comments (good or bad) that you have when reading my posts. Just looking for a little feedback. Just click where it says "0 comments" or "1 comment". You can post anonymously if you wish.

FYI, my blog has achieved a small stepping stone, with over 450 [update: 500] page loads. (Some day I plan on celebrating my 10,000th!)

Thanks to all those checking it out. Come back semi-daily, and I'll continue to post.

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On 9:54 PM , baloghblog said...

This site Fing sucks! Don't quit your day job.

(see its that easy...)

On 10:45 PM , Kirsi said...

I would say fuckin sucks, but I havnt really read anything other than this post, I'l let you know what I think in a minute. I fight the same battle myself by the way.

On 10:57 PM , Bre Bre said...

Don't know who you are, but i saw you want comments. So here is a comment!

On 11:03 PM , Heading out said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting at "The Oil Drum" - we've only been writing that for a month so it is a little early for us to be adding guest bloggers, though that might happen.

We're still feeling out way with the site, but keep visiting and thanks again