4/20/2005 06:20:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
Tax breaks for the oil companies is the "Bush Energy Plan" that I keep hearing about on the TV and radio? F* ANWR, why isn't anyone flipping out about giving tax breaks to companies that posted record profits this past year. ExxonMobil made $17 billion last year.

FYI this is what 17 billion dollars looks like:

$17,000,000,000. Think of 1 million dollars. 17 billion = 17,000 x 1 million dollars.

The most ever made in one year in the history of the world as profit. And Bush wants to give a tax break to these motherfers that are reaping record profits from our wallets.

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On 10:43 PM , Jude said...

Hey, maybe when Bush gets the social security privatization passed through, we can all buy some shares in Exxon stock and retire a little bit earlier!