Another NYC related post (at least some places are still sacred)
2/24/2005 07:35:00 AM | Author: baloghblog
Walmart will NOT be coming to the city. A million bodegas sigh in relief.
Inwood investment beating wall street???
2/23/2005 10:00:00 PM | Author: baloghblog

Hot housing nabes

Upper Manhattan apartment-sale prices have risen dramatically in the past 10 years:

  • Upper Manhattan: Up 333.7% to $358,657.
  • Washington Heights: Up 532.5% to $364,369.
  • Inwood: Up 506.7% to $255,367.

  • digusting slime - Rove et al.
    2/21/2005 06:22:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
    Can you believe this? Now they are going to smear AARP with the same people who brought us Swift boat veterans.
    Fear and Loathing No More
    2/21/2005 07:19:00 AM | Author: baloghblog
    Hunter Thompson took his own life. Click here for story.
    Chilling treatment offers hope for stroke victims
    2/20/2005 02:29:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
    New and promising early treatment for stroke victims. Use of cooling pads to create brief hypothermia and prevent tissue death in the brain. Amazing stuff, and hopefully will go on to curtail the effects of stroke vicitms in the future.
    2/19/2005 10:54:00 AM | Author: baloghblog

    BREAKING NEWS: This just in, Brett's ass grabbed by Elisa from survivor...? Posted by Hello
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    "Uncle Bush" this poster for sale at the CPAC. Posted by Hello
    this can't be for real...
    2/19/2005 10:40:00 AM | Author: baloghblog
    At the Conservative Political Action Conference, where rabid Bush-worshippers learn that liberals hate America and that we really did find WMD in Iraq
    if you want peace you have to work for justice (part deux)
    2/18/2005 05:05:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
    Well the war drums are beating again.

    Credit given to Maria N. for her now infamous saying above.
    good joke
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    thanks needlenose
    Please do this everywhere!
    2/18/2005 08:54:00 AM | Author: baloghblog
    NYC bill to make movie theatres post what time the movie actually starts, not when the ads start.
    2/18/2005 08:46:00 AM | Author: baloghblog

    out my front window this a.m. Posted by Hello
    2/18/2005 01:46:00 AM | Author: baloghblog

    Q: Thank you, Mr. President. If, as you say, the development of nuclear weapons is unacceptable, and if the administration's concern for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which proved out to be unfounded, drove an invasion to seek regime change, how concerned should Americans and, for that matter, the world be that the true identification of weapons in Iran or North Korea might not lead to the same sort of attack?

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, first, Iran is different from Iraq -- very different. The international community was convinced that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction -- not just the United States, but the international community -- and had passed some 16 resolutions. In other words, diplomacy had -- they tried diplomacy over and over and over and over again. John was at the United Nations during this period. And finally, the world, in 1441 -- U.N. Resolution 1441 -- said, disclose, disarm, or face serious consequences. This was not a declaration by the United States of America, it was a declaration by the United Nations Security Council -- and a 15-to-nothing vote, as I recall. And we took that resolution very seriously.

    As you know, the Iranian issue hasn't even gone up to the Security Council yet. And so there's more diplomacy, in my judgment, to be done. And we'll work very closely with our European friends and other nations. As I mentioned before, we're an active member of the IAEA board, which will give us an opportunity to continue -- to continue to say to the Iranians, you've got to be transparent with your program and adhere to -- adhere to protocols that you have signed.

    Remember, this all started when they -- we found them enriching uranium in an undeclared fashion. And it happened because somebody told on them. There was an Iranian group that brought forth the information and it was clear that they were enriching. And yet, they hadn't told anybody, which leads you to wonder, why they hadn't told anybody. And so you can understand our suspicions.

    And we'll work with nations. And in terms of Korea, North Korea, again, it's not Iraq. It's a different situation. But I'm -- I remember being with Jiang Zemin in Crawford, and as a result of that meeting, we issued a joint declaration that said that the Korean Peninsula should be nuclear weapons-free. Since then I've -- that policy has been confirmed by President Hu Jintao. And the other day the leader of North Korea declared they had a nuclear weapon, which, obviously, means that if he is -- if he's correct, that the peninsula is not nuclear weapons-free. So now is the time for us to work with friends and allies who have agreed to be a part of the process to determine what we're jointly going to do about it. And that's where we are in the process right now.

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    After my confirmation I will know everything about you, my friend. In fact I will know everything about everyone, boo ha ha ha! Posted by Hello
    Blog's I like
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    winter weather in the cuse... 6-12 inches tonight
    2/18/2005 01:21:00 AM | Author: baloghblog
    Lake effect warning

    6-12" coming, starting.... now!
    Funniest video
    2/17/2005 10:57:00 PM | Author: baloghblog
    better the second time around...

    karate audition

    thanks LAWeekly
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    me Posted by Hello
    First post
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    Welcome to my blog! Hope this will be the first of many posts to come...